Experienced Earthwork Contractor

Our experience operators are capable of most of the excavations works (excavation & backfilling).

We have experienced and skilled movers who are capable of providing the highest quality earth moving works such as excavation, fill or backfill to wide range of clients in the areas of road and highway construction, site development and underground construction. We can also perform grading, mass excavation, tight access excavation and structural excavation.

With our track record and expertise in complex excavation and backfilling, combined with our efficient and reliable machineries and tipper lorries, we take pride in our reputation for reliability, performance and competitiveness.

Demolition Contractor

We are a registered demolition contractor with no limitation grade. Our clients include schools, residential landed properties, industrial warehouse cum offices and more.

Our operators and general workers have vast experiences in their work fields.

In Need of Our Services and Equipment?

We offer wide range of equipment and services to help you, feel free to contact us – and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you in detail.